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19 Nottingham Seater Minibus Hire and 20 Seat Minibus Hire

19 20 Nottingham Minibus Hire Nottingham

Our 19 seater mini coaches bridge a unique gap within the coach and minibus hire Nottingham fleet we have curated here at Coach Hire Nottingham. Compactly sized just like our minibuses, with the spacious properties of our coaches, these vehicles take care of groups with odd sized groups and space needs easily. Need just a step up? Our 20-seater coaches are the first in our economical coach line that can tackle larger groups while still offering the features you would want travelling on a more personalised vehicle. Both equipped to tackle unusual travel needs, these two coaches can get you and your group around without compromising quality or style.

Spaciously designed with the sleek build of a minibus, our 19-seater mini coach is ready to take you where you want to go with plenty to offer your group in comfort and amenities. Enjoy being driven around on a well air-conditioned vehicle as you bond with your mates without being cramped together hoping the trip will end. The unique properties of our mini coaches grant passengers the personal environment of our minibuses, while still feeling as if you have plenty of room to stretch out or move around. Sports teams and school trips alike will find the ease of using our coach services to greatly benefit both the school budget and their student's minds.

As the 19-seater's larger relative, our fleet's 20-seat coach is the first of our coach line, the smallest of the coaches by seat, but still large on offerings. Packed with plenty of storage space, passengers can free up precious space and get more room for walk about and chat with friends instead of fighting for room. Focus on enjoying your trip on these economically priced coaches that have all the appeal of our smaller, finer minibuses. Equipped with modern features including but not limited to radio entertainment systems and GPS navigation, our vehicles can keep you connected and entertained for however long or short your trip is. Want to make a sudden change to your agenda? Let your driver know and they will make it happen! If there's a place you don't know the way to, just punch your next destination right into the GPS system and it will show you the way.

For however long you travel with us, our team here at Coach Hire Nottingham is more than elated to have you with us, ready to serve with professionalism and peak courtesy. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers explore our richly built city and its heritage, so rest assured we are happy to take you around and help you learn more about Nottingham. Leave the worries over parking, traffic, and luggage at home, this is your trip, we are taking care of all that for you. Experience what it is like to have the freedom of travel without the burden of organising group schedules and traffic navigations by using a company that has been top rated for years by our numerous happy customers.

Give us a call or fill out a scheduling form on our site today and our customer care team will get back in touch with you quickly to start planning your next trip to Nottingham and the East Midlands. Here at Coach Hire Nottingham, we promise excellently priced rates, with high quality service that works tirelessly to keep your trip running smoothly. From small family vacations to large guided tours, business teams to football teams, there is a vehicle in our fleet just for you, so stop in today, meet with our dedicated professional staff, and let us find it for you!