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57 Seater Nottingham Coach Hire

Don't let its size fool you, our 57-seater coaches are packed with all the amenities you could need for your large group, while still running perfectly to shuttle you from place to place. Spacious and modern designed, these coaches are the ideal option for those large groups as well as those mid-sized groups wanting some more space while on-board. Enjoy the perks of a larger coach while relaxing into the luxuries found on our smaller fleet offerings. Our customers in large groups can relax in peace knowing that they will not be packed into a hot, cramped coach, but instead able to stretch out and enjoy the trip instead of hoping it will be over.

The size of our 57-seater coaches solves the problem of having to take numerous cars or smaller coaches, while instead a group can all fit comfortably on one coach and enjoy the bonding experience of going on a trip. By avoiding the inconvenience of multiple vehicles, families and school groups alike can experience Nottingham together instead of stressing over whether or not everyone will be at the same location on time. Even if your group is large and bringing a lot of luggage, worry not, as we have designed our line of coaches to offer plenty of overhead and boot storage, making room in the aisles and seating areas for what matters most: your group's comfort. Know that you do not need to sacrifice quality in order to increase quantity, as we have worked carefully to curate a fleet that is adjustable to any budget and group's coach travel needs.

Each of our large coaches comes equipped with plenty of features to keep groups entertained and relaxed while on the road. Our on-board PA systems are ideal for group leaders needing to address the entire vehicle, or direct attention outside the coach, allowing tour guides to work seamlessly with the drivers to highly interesting attractions and points of interest. Take in the incredible views of Nottingham's textile industry by glancing out the large panoramic windows around the coach, or lean back into your plush reclining seat and let our smooth riding coach take you around town to your next leg of the trip as the tour guide explains Nottingham's rich history.

While features may vary depending on the manufacturer of the coach we provide you with, we are confident in the quality of each one, and have ensured that they all meet the same high standards we expect to keep you comfortable. Depending on your travel needs, we can provide you with the right 57-seater for both your budget and goals. Some of our coaches provide on-board washrooms to provide relief, while others offer large study conference tables for travellers needing some form of work area while travelling on the road through Nottingham.

If even our 57-seat coach cannot fit your entire group comfortably, never fear! We coordinate expertly our other vehicles to make sure each member of your group gets to your destination on time. We offer attractive packages for groups hiring multiple coaches from us, and provide the same excellent service no matter how many are in your group. Coach Hire Nottingham is always up for the challenge and is eager to provide our customers with anything they need in regards to their travel arrangements with us.

No matter how large or small your group may be, our fleet scales easily to your needs. Our 57-seaters fit the bill for many travellers in both economical value and comfort, with plenty to offer on-board. Take your group trips or tours to the next level by hopping on and letting our expert driver show you why we are continuously rated the best in the area.